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Using a Fog machine to Spice Up Your Party

Did you ever go to a nightclub where they had a fog machine blasting out a scented cloud? It really does something miraculous to enhance the atmosphere of a gathering. Fog machines have a long history of spicing up big parties, raves, and special events. But why should fog machines be limited to such rare displays of grandeur? You could easily spice your party up with a fog machine and bring a flavor of awesomeness to your next local event.

Imagine the family reunion, where Aunt Doris brings her plain old potato salad and everyone yawns. But you bring the fog machine and things get out of control. Before you know it, Uncle Gary is dancing on the picnic tables, and everyone realizes how lucky they are to have a great kid like you in the family. Fog machines have that power, and you can harness it. Whether you are trying to spice up that bland family reunion or plan an event for your fraternity, there are few things that can take care of it for you as well as a fog machine.

If you haven’t thought about a fog machine before, that’s no surprise. Most people think they’re priced out of the budget of the average party planner. But you can get one without breaking the bank. Even if you had a ton of cash to blow, you shouldn’t go for the most expensive fog machine anyway. For just a few hundred bucks you can get a solid machine to spew forth that fantastic fog that boosts your event from memorable to legendary.

There aren’t many things that really can spice up your party like a fog machine. Of course, having strobe lights can help, but without the fog machine they are merely an irritant on the eyes. You should definitely have your other items out of the way, like your sound system and food, before you get your fog machine. But if you’re throwing a party and don’t have those things, you’re probably into boring events, anyway, and should just skip over the fog machine. They’re only for people who are freakishly fun.

Of course, there are a few technical things you should know about fog machines. Make sure that you get the same fogjuice that the manufacturer provides when you purchase your unit. If you get one that induces heat based fog, you need that kind of juice. Cold based fog works the same way. But you won’t know what kind of fog your machine uses, because it’s not advertised on the packaging. Don’t risk ruining your fog machine with the wrong fog juice.

There are a number of brands out there that can provide a great experience. You should choose yours based on the budget you have available and the reviews of others who have experience. Pay special attention to reviews presented by someone with experience with fog machines, as novices can make mistakes (like buying the wrong juice) that cause them to incorrectly rate the fog machine.

Your choice of fog machine can have a huge impact on the success of your party, so make sure you are prepared to spend some time researching before making your purchase.



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