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Popular Fog Machine Manufacturers

While there are many different types of fog machines on the market, there are three main manufacturers.  Chauvet, American DJ, and Eliminator are by far the biggest and most experienced. Not only that, but when it comes to replacement parts or fog fluid, you will have a better chance of finding what you need by sticking with these companies.

Eliminator or Eliminator Lighting (formal name) is based out of Los Angeles, California. Primarily a lighting company for theatrical uses, they also include fog machines and black lights along with their special effects lighting. Their phone number for customer support is 323-948-0480.

American DJ started in 1985 as a supplier of lighting products. Today they deal in audio, lighting, and special effects. Based in Los Angeles, California. Their phone number for customer support is 323-582-2650.

Chauvet began in the 80ís and is based out of North Miami Beach, Fl. Chauvet is a major innovator, developer and manufacturer in the lighting and atmospheric effects. Their phone numbers for customer support are 800-762-1084 or 954-929-1115. Here is a shortcut to their warranty page.


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