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How to Decide on Your Fog Machine

There are several factors to consider when ready to purchase a fog machine, so that your Halloween decor is complete. The first two are wattage and its Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating.

The wattage of the heating element will usually range from 400 to 1,300 watts. The higher the wattage the more fog produced and the less the heat exchanger will have to go thru re-heat cycles (how a fog machine works).

Obviously, the larger the area to be covered with fog, the more wattage will be desired.
Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) rating means the fog machine will produce a certain amount of cubic feet of fog per minute. The problem with this rating is there is no set industry standard. These are only estimates of the manufacturer.

How large an area needs to be covered? As stated earlier, the larger the area that needs to be covered, the more wattage will be required. Smaller indoor rooms will be able to use a lower wattage fog machine.

Buying a fog machine with a timer that can be set to turn your machine off if it runs out of fluid can prevent a fog machine from overheating.
It is probably best to buy a popular fog machine brand in that each machine requires a specific type of fog fluid. It will do you no good to save a few dollars by buying a cheaper fog machine only to discover replacement fluid is no where to be found. DO NOT use fog fluid that is not recommended for your machine.

Remember that heat rises. So, if you desire fog that hugs the ground you would want a fog chiller. This is something you can build yourself. There are many simple plans available on the internet. The basic premise is that by cooling the outside of the fog machine it will cool the fog so that it does not rise into the atmosphere.

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