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How Fog Machines Work

There are five components that make a fog machine work- The pump, heat exchanger, nozzle, remote control (on most models), and the fog machine fluid.

The fluid (fog juice) contained in the fluid tank is forced thru a heat exchanger by a high pressure pump. The heat exchanger can heat up to as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes the fluid to become a vapor. This vapor then travels thru the nozzle of the fog machine at is emitted into the atmosphere. When the vapor comes in contact with the relatively cooler atmosphere it instantly turns into what we see as fog or smoke.
Pump- The pump usually a piston pump delivers the fluid (fog juice) from the fluid tank to the heat exchanger. If you hear a noise during operation it will usually be the piston pump working.

Heat Exchanger- The heat exchanger is a block of metal, with a heating element built into it. A thermostat regulates the temperature within. The heated fluid then travels to the nozzle in the form of a vapor.

When comparing models you will see the term “Watts”. Most wattage ratings of fog machines will be between 400 to 1300 Watts. The higher the wattage the more a fog machine can produce of fog. Also, the higher the wattage is the less a fog machine has to go thru a re-heat recycle because the heat exchanger has more power available.

Nozzle- the nozzle, usually made from brass, has a small opening that emits the vapor under high pressure. The nozzle and the opening will become VERY HOT. Do not touch it or place anything flammable by it.

Remote Control- Many fog machines today come with a remote control. Usually with one button. Operation is simple. Hold down the button to release fog. Release the button to stop the fog. A Timer Remote Control provides a great option. By setting the Timer Remote Control you can control when the fog is released and the quantity released as well as the duration of the fog release.

Fog Machine Fluid (fog juice)- Most fluid today is water based. Usually made up of a mixture of glycol and water. It is important to follow the recommended brand for each fog machine. Each fluid is specifically designed for specific brands of fog machines. Failure to use the recommended brand could result in poor fog emission, harmful chemical emission, or damage to the fog machine itself.


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