Fog Machine Safety
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Fog Machine Safety

The first rule to follow is the manufacturers instruction guide. If used improperly the result could be deadly. Electrocution and fire are only two possibilities from using a fog machine improperly.

Make sure you plug your fog machine into an outlet that can handle the wattage of the machine. Never overload the circuit breaker with too many items plugged in. Never run an extension cord thru water. Use only a heavy gauge extension cord for outdoor use. Do not leave the fog machine unattended.

Only use the fog liquid recommended in the owner’s manual. Remember, that liquid is designed specifically for certain types of fog machines. Using a different liquid could result in damage to the fog machine.

Make sure there is proper ventilation if used inside. You do not want a smoke filled room in which you cannot see your way around or make it difficult to breathe.

Do not let the fog fluid run out. Some machines have a built in automatic shutoff when there is no fog fluid left. However, yours may not. Running a fog machine with no fog juice in it can easily burn out the motor. The fog fluid serves a dual role in the pump. Not only is it used to create fog but; it serves as a coolant/lubricant for the pump and motor (How a Fog Machine Works).

Do not touch the fog machine coil and nozzle. The fog fluid heats to extreme temperatures to create the vapor, which eventually becomes fog when released out thru the nozzle. Never touch the coil and nozzle during operation. Allow the unit to cool down after using before touching either. Never place anything flammable around the unit when in use.

If the machine becomes wet or fog fluid spills on the machine while in use do not manually turn the machine off. Flip the circuit breakers at the breaker box and allow unit to cool down before touching.

Someone with asthma may need to be careful about inhaling the fog. Most fog fluids are made of glycol. Studies have shown this mixture is not hazardous to humans. However, some people have complained of respiratory problems and throat irritation when exposed to prolonged exposure or theatrical fog.

Bottom line is use common sense. When used properly it can be one of the greatest ways to create a scary and realistic Halloween setting.


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