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Water based fog fluids usually are made from water and glycol.  Manufacturers of fog machines design their systems to be compatible with their fog fluid. That’s why you should always use the manufacturer’s recommended fog fluid.

You may ask what is the big deal. Here is why: Glycol is a chemical, and like all chemicals, it takes on certain chemical properties. There are different formulas used by manufacturers in producing fog fluid. The formulas need a specific temperature range for optimal production of mist during the “flashing” process.

The “flashing “ process is when the fog fluid in the fluid tank is moved thru the heat exchanger by a high pressure pump. The high temperature of the heat exchanger causes the fluid to vaporize or “flashing”. This continuous “flashing” is then forced out the nozzle of the fog machine and produces fog when the vapor is mixed with cooler air outside the fog machine (How Fog Machines Work).

Fog machines are calibrated for temperatures of the fluid designed for their unit. Using incorrect fluid for the fog machine could result in a damaged machine.

You may be tempted to make your own fluid. This is a very bad idea.  First, you would void the warranty of your unit. Variations of the formula could have severe effects on the boiling point of the fluid.  The heat exchanger itself could break as a result of the liquid boiling too fast and high pressure building up.


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