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Fog machines are great for creating fun Halloween effects, but that is not all they can be used for. There are many fun and creative things that can be done with fog machines.  

Spooky Halloween Effects 

Nothing says Halloween more than the spookiness created by a fog machine. The mystery and eeriness of the fog combined with darkness and spooky lighting can make any Halloween display, party or Spook Alley a hit with friends, family and neighbors. 

Set a Romantic Mood 

There is something very romantic about a well-placed layer of fog added to a dance or special dinner. Want to create a memorable wedding proposal? The use of smoke from a fog machine can help set the stage for that special, unforgettable romantic moment. 

Make that Viral Video 

The addition of smoke from a fog machine can help create a number of moods, as well as add to the impact of various special effects. Romance, creepiness, mystery and reflective lighting are just some of the possibilities created with fog machines. 

Creating an Illusion 

The smoke from fog machines plays with light, making it a great tool for adding to the ambience or setting you want to create. Space ships, alien invasions, smoke-blowing dragons, driving in a foggy night, evading a predator-all of these are examples of how Hollywood has used a combination of fog and light to create mystery and a captivating scene. 

Want to create the illusion of a fire? Strategically placed smoke can do that. The right lighting, people running from the scene coughing and smoke billowing out of windows can help create a fire illusion. 

Create an effect of someone dancing or sitting in the clouds with a layer of smoke on the ground. What better way for someone to make a dramatic entrance than to appear through the smoke? When it comes to creative uses of fog machines, the possibilities are endless. 

When using fog and light with one another, be sure to consider the color of the lighting being used. Choosing the right color of light can make a huge impact on the results. For example, yellows and oranges tend to work well for Halloween settings. Using the light as backlighting in fog can really add drama and impact to the scene for video, Halloween displays or that romantic night. 

Fog Machines are Cheap and Easy to Use 

Fog machines vary in price, with some priced as low as $25. This makes them affordable for every budget. Two hours of fog can be created with about one quart of the fluid needed to make fog. This fluid is commonly called fog fluid or fog juice. 

Fog machines can be used in a variety of settings, and are adaptable to your needs. Place the fog machine in one room or area, while creating the fog in another with the use of one or more long dryer vent hoses attached. This will allow you to control the direction and level of fog. Create smoke in a higher place, cascading down to the floor, or fill the floor with smoke. Fill a room with smoke or have it oozing out of a coffin in your Halloween display. 

Evenly dispersed fog can be created with the use of a fan placed behind the fog machine. This is a great way to fill a room with smoke while allowing some of the room to be seen. 

Turn Fog into Ground Mist 

When fog is cooled, it becomes a form of mist that hugs the ground. Special cooling accessories can be purchased to add to your fog machine to create this fun effect. Pvc piping in two sizes, duct tape and ice or dry ice can be used to create the same effect. 

Fog Machine Care 

Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for set-up, care and maintenance of your fog machine. Never allow your machine to overheat and always clean it well after each use. This will help extend the life of your machine. 

Safety First 

In general, fog machines are safe to use. One of the primary safety concerns related to fog machine use is that of people not being able to see well, leading them to get hurt from trips, falls, and other accidents. Keep all hazards, such as cords and small tripping hazards, out of the area to be fogged. If this is not possible with cords, secure them to the floor or wall in such a way as to minimize risk. 

Another safety concern with fog machines is overheating, leading to fire. Be sure to use your machine according to manufacturer’s directions, and to keep a close eye on it while in use. Do not ever allow your machine to overheat and do not ever place it near flammable or combustible items while in use or while hot. 

Remember to keep small children and pets away from your fog machine.


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